The Basics of Astrology

Astrology can be very mysterious to people and quite generic, if you believe every daily horoscope written in a magazine or newspaper. Besides our zodiac sign, also known as your sun sign, there are planets, houses, aspects, and other zodiac signs that rule your chart. Yes, you have a chart that is unique to only you. This chart is called a natal chart. A natal chart can be done through any free natal chart report (google is your best friend). You simply need to know the time and place of your birth. In your natal chart, you will find out the about your Sun sign (your personality), Moon sign (your emotions), Mercury (how you think/communicate), Venus (how you view love), Mars (what attracts you/drive), Jupiter (expansion/blessings), Saturn (challenges/work), Uranus (change), Neptune (illusions/healing), and Pluto (transformation). Between the planets I listed, they are also separated into inner planets, which are fast moving planets (the first five planets) and outer planets, which are slower moving planets (the last five planets). Each planet has different meanings and when they are matched with zodiac signs, it gives a more descriptive meaning. On top of that, the planets and zodiac signs falls into a different houses. Your natal chart is basically a pie chart, divided into the 12 houses. The first 6 houses are your personal houses, the last 6 houses are your interpersonal houses.

  • House 1: Self; also know as your rising/ascendant sign (your mask)
  • House 2: Money/environment
  • House 3: Communication/siblings
  • House 4: Foundation/home (mother house)
  • House 5: Self expression/fun/attention
  • House 6: Health/service
  • House 7: Partnerships (romantic and business)
  • House 8: Transformation (birth/death/sex)
  • House 9: Travel/higher mind(higher education)
  • House 10: Public figure/career path (called the mid-heaven, also the father house)
  • House 11: Friendship/rebellion (social justice)
  • House 12: Endings (afterlife/finished projects)/creativity

I encourage you all to do more research into the information I have shared, since I only listed the basics of astrology. And that my friends, wraps up the first blog on basic astrology. Yes, there is more but be happy because this is a beautiful beginners’ stage of learning what the stars have written about you, and you only!


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Polarity in the Stars

I come across a lot of people who can not grasp the esoteric knowledge of astrology. They tend to think that a person born August 4th has traits of a Leo only. Astrology deals with more than a person’s sun sign (their zodiac sign). On a lighter note of astrology, there’s 10 planets and 12 houses that comes into play of a person’s personality. For example, there’s the moon sign, which deals the way an individual expresses their emotions. Now the fun part about astrology is there are aspects and polarities of the signs and planets. By fun, I do mean complicated but we must laugh to keep from crying right? That’s my optimistic Aries moon expressing itself. Now imagine knowing about 80% of the basics of astrology, when you realize your future husband (in your mind) has a major polarity with his sun and moon? A polarity within astrology would be, a Taurus sun with an Scorpio moon or an Aquarius sun with a Leo moon. Now if a person is aware of this polarity, they can find a balance between their sun (personality) and their moon (emotions). Or the person can have a tug-of-war with your heart because they don’t know how to express that they love attention but also value solitude, A LOT. Welcome to a Aquarius/Leo polarity. I’m sure now you’re thinking, “well how do I figure all this information out?”. First you would have to do a natal chart and understand the planets and the houses. It can get very intense but the knowledge you learn about yourself and other people, is worth it! So what are you waiting on?! All you need is your full birthday, time of birth, and place of birth.

DISCLAIMER: What’s written in the stars may not be 100% true because people do grow but sometimes its close enough. Enjoy!


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